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Banca Transilvania

Bank Increases Call Centre Productivity by 30 Per Cent with Customer Relationship Solution


Banca Transilvania is one of five leading Romanian banks. With the business expanding and competition growing in the local market, the company needed to improve its customers’ experience and increase business efficiency. In 2007, it decided to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system based on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. The bank now enjoys lower cost of operations, and higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Business Needs

Banca Transilvania is a Romanian bank at the core of Financial Group Banca Transilvania. The company has 6,300 employees at 500 branches, and 1.25 million customers. In 1997, it became the first Romanian financial institution listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Retail Banking—one of the organisation’s four business divisions—relies on a call centre to handle most of the client interaction services. It routes customer calls and e-mail messages according to customer priority and operator experience. The centre’s employees provide information and support for all products as well as support for partners with point-of-sale installed in retail stores. They also implement telesales and collections campaigns. Currently, 27 operators work 24 hours a day to handle an average of 30,000 customer inquiries a month.

Challenged with rising local competition, Banca Transilvania realised that to maintain growth and improve customer retention, it had to optimise internal processes. Specifically:

  • It needed to cope with an increasing volume of multichannel interactions with customers.
  • Telesales campaign managers wanted to use call centre tools to deploy the campaign’s strategy and measure its results.
  • It wanted to adopt business automation to add new Internet banking subscribers to the system, reduce manual data entry and increase speed of the process.
  • The customer care department required an efficient complaint management procedure, where the system could automatically log complaints with the appropriate employee and secure service level agreement.

Call centre staff found it difficult to collect and track customer information because the existing system was only telephone based and lacked multichannel integration. For example, they couldn’t create a single view of client history detailing events such as telephone calls, e-mails, and branch visits to help the bank gain insight into customers’ history and behaviour. Also, the application only captured basic customer data, which made it almost impossible for employees and agents to track any activity details.


To meet these requirements, the business decision makers decided to integrate a comprehensive CRM system into its call centre, converting it into a multichannel contact centre. After conducting a study and evaluation of several leading solutions, a project management team chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the ease of integration it offered with existing applications and low total cost of ownership. Other reasons for choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM included:

  • The single, familiar user interface shared by the contact centre and other business units, streamlining user adoption.
  • The built-in marketing and sales force automation, which supports the business needs of other divisions.
  • The robust out-of-the box reports and analytical functions that provide business intelligence.
  • The speed of implementation and user acceptance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also optimise employees’ day-to-day work efficiency and load-balancing capabilities. The system also lets users create point-and-click business processes to manage critical situations such as complaints and control issue escalation.

With the support of Microsoft Services Romania, it took less than six months for the bank to implement the new contact centre solution, starting in June 2007 and finishing in December. Training was kept onsite and staged according to users’ profiles. The solution is now used for all channels of customer contact, including Internet banking. Initially there were about 30 users in the contact centre, 25 in the back office, and 40 in branches. But by the end of 2008, all 500 branches and an additional 800 users will be using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


* Users adopted the system quickly because of its look and feel. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution consolidates all our operations and information through a single user interface. *
Ionela Roş
Contact Centre Department Manager
Banca Transilvania
With the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the call centre has been converted to a state-of-the-art contact centre and has streamlined the processes for greater efficiency. The easy-to-use solution helps operators enhance interaction with their clients and improve customer satisfaction. Ionela Roş, Contact Centre Department Manager, Banca Transilvania, says: “Users adopted the system quickly because of its look and feel. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution consolidates all our operations and information through a single user interface. Many manual tasks are now automated and access to information is much faster.”

  • Contact centre productivity is increased by 30 per cent due to automatic workflows and tasks with built-in forms and reports.
  • Internet banking subscriptions processing is 75 per cent faster than previously.
  • Better management of issues with monitoring of complaint resolution process at all stages.
  • Greater accuracy and faster support to customers because they now have access to Frequently Asked Questions and general information located on the system.
  • Administration is more efficient through customisable, automated reports, such as dynamic Microsoft Office Excel® reports for managers, which update the information automatically.
  • Recognition of productive staff is made easier, with the facility to monitor operator activity.
  • Employees can respond to customers faster because access to complete client histories and profiles reduces time spent on routine tasks.
  • Contact centre helps sales teams to generate leads and achieve higher rate of retail success by providing information on prospective customers.
  • Marketing department can use information in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application to launch quick and efficient promotional campaigns directed at a specific customer base.

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