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Health and Social Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help health and social services organizations reduce inefficiencies, optimize care plans, and improve financial management. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can:

  • Case Management

    By connecting systems and automating manual processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, health and social service agencies can improve case management. They can gain a unified view of the client across multiple programs to coordinate service delivery and become more efficient.

    • Give your caseworkers a centralized repository of client data from a variety of systems.
    • Track data in real-time to better assess the effectiveness of care delivery and to manage follow-up activities.
    • Provide caseworkers with convenient scheduling tools that fully interoperate with Microsoft Office Outlook.
    • Set up automated reminders for follow-up activities.
    • Offer remote data access and the ability to easily upload case information to maximize the time that caseworkers spend in the field.
  • Client Support

    Improve your clients’ experience and ease administrative burdens with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Streamline complex and cumbersome processes that typically involve multiple programs and disparate technologies and regulations.

    • Create automated workflows with convenient links to application forms across multiple programs to improve client assessment and make it easier to determine eligibility.
    • Use the health and social services marketing campaign tools to reach out to clients’ families in programs for adoptions, treatment of substance abuse, and others.
    • Distribute informational client mailings and track responses to evaluate their effectiveness, and automate follow-up to ease administration.
  • Program Management

    Make it easier to manage and assess your programs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Provide managers and executives with visual tools to track progress, help ensure regulatory compliance, and improve the delivery of services to further success.

    • Set up processes to streamline procedures and help maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines.
    • Make process and policy guidelines accessible in central document libraries.
    • Give executives real-time views of daily activities with dashboards that show the progress of customizable key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess results and help secure funding.
    • Integrate front-end client and case coordination applications with back-end systems to create formalized workflows between agencies and maximize your current IT infrastructure.
    • Create marketing campaigns to increase community awareness and to recruit capable volunteers, track responses, and automate follow-up.

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