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Customer Videos

Hospitality and Entertainment

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps hospitality and entertainment companies enhance customer service, earn loyalty, and boost revenues. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can:

  • Win customer loyalty, refine services, and deliver more value by learning about the entire customer experience.
  • Target your marketing efforts by generating customer profiles.
  • Deliver a variety of hospitality and entertainment applications with the xRM framework.
  • Guest Insight

    With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can get rich information about every guest or customer. By using this information, you can provide personalized attention to your customers, so you can deliver a more compelling experience and keep them coming back. And, because Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a familiar interface that is easy to use, adoption is quick.

    • Gather consistent customer data in a single information repository to better understand each guest’s needs and enhance and cultivate profitable customer relationships.
    • Measure and learn from customer behavior how to improve your product and service development as well as performance management.
    • Reduce IT costs and complexity with a flexible infrastructure that gives you the ability to integrate CRM with your back-end systems and share customer information across departments.
  • Customer Service

    Create strong relationships with guests to build repeat business and gain loyalty. By capturing every guest interaction, regardless of channel, you add to your knowledge base. With this valuable information, you can better meet guest needs, to give you a competitive edge.

    • Manage and track all guest-facing activities.
    • Identify trends and provide personalized service with access to real-time, actionable data.
    • Use shared document repositories to improve the quality and efficiency of organizing teams, meetings, and deliverables.
    • Take advantage of document version controls to accelerate approval workflows and deliver better service.
    • Benefit from advanced security that helps protect customer and company data.
  • Sales and Marketing

    Enhance your processes to gain more value from your sales and marketing activities with easy access to information across sales and marketing. Up-sell and cross-sell more efficiently and transform your customer interactions into marketing opportunities.

    • Automate marketing processes to respond quickly to requests and inquiries and set reminders for follow-up.
    • Easily associate events and ticketing with accounts and sponsorships.
    • Improve sales opportunities for group sales and packages with easy access to customer data.
    • Segment your customer base to target your marketing efforts appropriately and optimize your return on investment.
    • Identify high-value customers across franchises and venues.
    • Provide mobile access to CRM data, so salespeople have access to comprehensive customer information while on the road.

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