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State and local government and federal agencies can serve citizens and businesses more effectively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM services for government. Your organisation can:

  • Deliver timely, high-quality service that focuses on citizens’ needs.
  • Automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Use technology to support collaboration and decision making across departments and agencies.
  • Rapidly deliver e-government, citizen service, and other government applications with the xRM framework.
  • Business Intelligence

    With access to real-time information and analysis, government agencies or organisations can use CRM tools to identify trends, evaluate citizen interactions with departments and agencies, and create strategies to enhance service and—at the same time—reduce costs.

    • Capture and track data to respond quickly to changing constituent needs and legislative requirements.
    • Perform critical trend analysis based on real-time information.
    • Give administrators a real-time graphical view of organisational performance—from their desktops or mobile devices—with the ability to drill deeply into details.
  • Case Management

    Social service agencies and related organisations are faced with growing caseloads and shrinking budgets. Microsoft Dynamics CRM case management tools help your agency increase its efficiency and reduce costs with streamlined processes and greater access to your critical data—all in one place.

    • Use centralised client records to remove the barriers to cross-agency collaboration.
    • Use automatic workflows to increase employee effectiveness.
    • Easily schedule follow-up appointments and use alerts for proactive notification.
    • Provide mobile access to constituent and case information, so workers in the field can be more productive.
  • Contact Center/311

    Improve citizens’ ability to contact your agency—and your agency’s response time—with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Contact Centre/311 solution for call centre, routing and CRM integration. The faster your response, the greater value your agency can deliver to the communities you serve.

    • Use electronic tools, such as interactive voice response (IVR) in combination with contact-centre agents to speed issue resolution of phone enquiries.
    • Give knowledge workers the ability to work within Microsoft Office Outlook to review prior contacts and update records when responding to e-mail requests.
    • Take advantage of a reporting dashboard to sort and report incidents by contact type (Web, phone, or e-mail) or by case type, case severity, or other key data to help ensure timely service.

    Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Contact Center/311 Solution.

  • Constituent Management

    Managing your constituents’ interactions with your organisation is critical to your effectiveness. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM looks and acts like an extension of Microsoft Office Outlook, your employees will find it easy to use, so they can respond quickly to citizen needs.

    • Provide highly secure, role-based access to constituent data.
    • Give employees relevant constituent information from one, centralised location.
    • Track constituent enquiries and requests, regardless of channel.
    • Target key messages to specific audiences and within specific geographic areas.
    • Automate workflows to improve service.
    • Get powerful analysis and reporting tools to simplify the identification of needs and problems and proactively address them.
  • Field Inspection

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps personnel work from almost anywhere with highly secure access to constituent data and case management capabilities. They can gather site information, including photography, and resolve issues quickly with a history of an individual’s agency interactions.

    • Give field personnel the ability to track applications, licensing, permits, and other relevant data from remote sites.
    • Collect, compile and organise data from the field or remote offices and then synchronise it with other organisational software.
    • Automate code enforcement at various levels of government.
    • Integrate with geographic information systems such as Microsoft Virtual Earth and ESRI ArcGIS to display case information on maps.
  • Funds Management

    National, regional and local agencies and educational institutions can simplify funds management—from acquisition to expenditure—with the Microsoft Stimulus360 solution. By manipulating data from various sources in a highly secure environment, it’s easier to analyse the results of funded programmes.

    • Track key performance indicators (KPIs)—such as job creation by city, county, and state—as well as related metrics, to determine the effects of funding.
    • Visualise data in rich KPI dashboards and interactive maps.
    • Use prepopulated content including legislative and regulatory links, report templates, and news feeds.
    • Improve governance and transparency through automatic capture of actions in a workflow history.

    Read more about the Microsoft Stimulus360 solution.

  • Grants Management

    Today, many government agencies find it challenging to manage the approval, distribution and tracking of grants with fewer personnel and limited resources. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, however, you can streamline your grant management tasks to stay on time and within budget.

    • Set up a standardised, electronic system that simplifies grant processing and helps ensure compliance with legislative directives.
    • Easily process and track payments through transparent integration with your back-end financial systems.
    • Automatically send notifications for grant-application status changes to replace time-consuming manual processes.
    • Generate task lists automatically for each stage of the grant process.
    • Evaluate and track solicitations so that distributions are awarded to the most deserving applicants.
    • Work from within Microsoft Office Outlook for ease of use and productivity.

    Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Grants Management Solution.

  • Personnel Management

    Because your employees put your organisation’s mission into action, effective personnel management is vital to your success. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps ensure that your staff have the training and support they need, and that your organisation’s human resources are efficiently deployed.

    • Manage personnel, mission, budgeting, acquisition, inventory, training, public affairs, cases, and multiple business applications.
    • Provide offline data access and mobility options that help employees stay up-to-date and keep projects moving even when they are away from the office.
    • Get powerful reporting and analysis tools that make it easy to manage cases and identify problems at a glance.
    • Create automated workflows for personnel processes to reduce administrative tasks.
    • Help secure your data by defining levels of access to applications and data, based on job roles.

    Read more about Microsoft productivity solutions for government.

  • Task Management

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers both a powerful and flexible way to manage tasks and processes. At a time when managing government operations is more complex than ever, Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the ability to manage diverse tasks with fewer resources in less time.

    • Automate manual processes for such areas as logistics, personnel evaluations, information requests, and awards and decorations.
    • Give authorised personnel visibility into all data appropriate to their roles.
    • Maintain an easy-to-follow audit trail that demonstrates accountability from beginning to end.
    • Create consistent processes and quality standards to improve workflows.
    • Get advanced reporting metrics for deeper data analysis.

    Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Task Management Solution.

  • Correspondence Management

    New economic stimulus programmes are placing added pressures on government agencies to be more accountable and transparent in their actions. At the same time, these agencies are expected to be more efficient with smaller budgets and less resources. Customisable solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that address some of your most pressing needs will get you on the road to improved accountability, transparency, and efficiency in a hurry. Allowing your agency or department to get a 360 degree view of all the organisations and individuals with whom you connect is critical for governmental organisations.

    • Keep track of addresses, activities, and correspondence around contacts.
    • Use powerful search tools to quickly find the information you want.
    • Build Ad-hoc reports around your organisational activities.
    • Everything you need to manage relationships with those both inside and outside of your organisation available in one secure place.

    Read more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Correspondence Management solution.

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